Project 5

Project 5 – Woodland Wildlife While our woodlands have a positive impact on climate change they also have numerous other benefits especially in terms of biodiversity. The Wildlife Trust estimates that if one birch tree is planted in a garden it can attract up to 5000 different creatures. Regeneration of woodland wildlife habitats is a core value at Trees4Scotland we would like this section to focus on the creatures living in the woods with the Tree Amigos!

Project 4

Project 4 – Trees and the Environment The importance of trees cannot be underestimated in the fight against climate change. The tree is by far the most efficient way of sequestering carbon emissions and deforestation on a global scale is already proving to be very harmful to the global atmosphere. In this section we would like to convey to the children that they can make a difference wherever they are in the world by getting involved with planting trees and other plants. It is hoped that through a series of simple games and exercises that the children will get a better understanding of the fabulous trees and plants that are right outside the door in the playgrounds, parks and gardens. In the previous projects we have been looking at calculating and reducing our carbon footprints. Planting trees help to go that one step further and allows you to make a positive impact on the natural environment.

Project 3

Project 3 – Making your footprint smaller. Now that you know what a carbon footprint is and how to measure it you can then start to reduce it. This is key to tackling climate change and there are many easy and free ways in which to do this – many of which are probably being done already within the school or at home. This is the section in which the children can get really hands on and make a difference within the school and at home. It is all about the three R’s – REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. This section will also look at renewable energy sources. Governments/companies are increasingly looking at ways to produce energy without using fossil fuels and producing harmful carbon dioxide.

Project 2

Project 2 – Carbon Footprints Just because we have small feet does not mean that we have small carbon footprints! In this section we will look at carbon footprints- what they are, why we use them and how to calculate them.

Project 1

Project 1 – Climate Change and Global Warming We have all heard of climate change and how the world needs to reduce its emissions. Project one is all about giving the children a broad understanding about what climate change and global warming are and what can be done to reduce the effects. It is important to note that climate change and global warming are not one in the same despite the two terms often being interchanged. The climate has always been changing but global warming refers to the reasons for the more recent accelerated change.